“Young people are dynamic and full of promise, with many different pathways to success.”

This is a quote directly from the homepage of an organization called HelloInsight. It encompasses the purpose of their program: helping youth development programs better understand which pathways are working for what kids and which are not. HelloInsight helps to evaluate programs by using outcomes in social and emotional learning (SEL) that are gathered through surveys on their platform. They work directly with each practitioner organization to ensure the surveys given and the information garnered are tailored to each specific organization.

This is relevant to the Rockford Regional Health Council as one of our champion organizations, the YMCA, is HelloInsight’s assessment partner and it is through our partnership with the YMCA that we discovered this program and felt it was vital to the youth in our community. Through conversations we facilitated between our champions (the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, and Rockford Park District), we were able to create a plan for the Boys & Girls Club to also begin using HelloInsight like the YMCA, and for the two organizations to combine and compare data collected. This plan began in late 2022 and is currently in full swing, with both organizations using HelloInsight and regularly meeting to discuss progress, results, and pointers to using the system.