RRHC educates the community about health disparities and risk factors, helping patients and families navigate systems, raising health literacy, and engaging them for the management of disease.


  1. Provide participants with knowledge and skills to develop and implement lifelong wellness goals.
  2. Collaborate with RRHC Members and/or community stakeholders to promote broad-based community education on quality of health issues.


  • With a goal of addressing childhood obesity and life-long wellness, the Council collaborated with the YMCA and Rockford Public School District 205 to strengthen after-school programming to include lessons on nutrition/healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Addressing chronic disease and health disparities, the Council’s Changing Hearts program has provided blood pressure screenings and health education, as well as facilitating needed access to care, for over 1,300 Rockford residents, in partnership with local churches, St. Elizabeth Community Center, and the Winnebago County Housing Authority.