The Rockford Regional Health Council is a leader in identifying root causes of health concerns and this is especially seen in our triennial Healthy Community Study, which has over 200 organizations subscribed. Save this page to stay up-to-date on our progress for 2023, there are exciting things in store!

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Healthy Community Study – June Update

Our triannual Health Community Study is well underway as of June 2023. The Health Council completed the Community Analysis portion in May, a summary of data collected through various sources and will be publicly available along with the survey results. In...

Strengthening HCS2023 Through Community Partnerships: Region1 Planning

Region 1 Planning Council is conducting a 2023 Healthy Community Survey on behalf of the Rockford Regional Health Council. This survey will help Rockford Regional Health Council’s Health Community Study in identifying trends in the health status of our region. A...

Understanding Covid-19 Vaccinations: Glossary of Terms

This list, provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health, identifies and explains new and frequently used terms used by health officials and media regarding vaccines and how to protect yourself during the pandemic. Isolation:  When a person is infected with a...

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