Strategic Plan

Rockford Regional Health Council is a non-partisan organization that focuses on improving the quality of our region’s health through data gathering and analysis, education, action and advocacy.  The 2017 Healthy Community Study, a data-driven approach to identifying trends in the health status of our region, provides the framework for our strategic plan with identified goals and priorities.  Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies was engaged to conduct the 2017 Healthy Community Study, including the following components:

Community Analysis

A compilation of data from external sources on a wide variety of community health issues and trends.

Household Survey

A random survey of residents in Winnebago and Boone Counties, also distributed through Rockford and Belvidere Public Schools, with a total return rate of approximately 13%.

Key Informant Survey

Selected community leaders in business, government, healthcare, nonprofit and other community sectors were surveyed as to their views on the health of our community and how it can be improved.

The 2017 Healthy Community Study is a snapshot intended to capture the current state of health for residents of Winnebago and Boone counties, as well as residents’ perceptions of well-being. We can confidently say this picture of community health contains positive indicators.  Other aspects of this snapshot in time, however, are concerning and signal a need for responses that go beyond the realm of healthcare providers.

All of the components of the Study are available for download, as well as a brief summary of findings.  Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Healthy Community Study!